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Civil Law


  • Full consultation on the planning, preparation and signing of all types of civil agreements, as well as representation in procedures involving contractual disputes;

  • Questions relating to the Tenancy Law: eviction, collection of rent and fines, exercising pre-emptive rights to  purchase  leased property;

  • Preventive consultation and representation in litigation arguing possession issues, domain, usucaption of property;

  • Representation in suits involving common law marriage, separation, divorce, alimony, custody of children; Filing and monitoring of probate and partition processes, compliance with wills;

  • Advice and litigation consultation in all issues relating to Civil Law;

  • Representation in legal proceedings from the trial courts to the Superior Courts: preparation of complaints, defenses, follow up of evidence, filing of appeals, presentation of briefs and production of oral argument in support of claims.

  • Openning and monitoring probate proceedings and apportionment of assets, elaboration and execution of wills, in addition to interdiction / curatorship and guardianship and updating in the process of Supported Decision Making;

  • Advice on succession planning;

  • Advisory and litigation in the area of ​​medical law and civil liability; 

  • Assistance and updating of credit recovery actions;

  • Consultative and litigation assistance in all matters pertaining to Civil Law, including by evaluation in drawing up public documents, to be drafted or stored in a Notary Public;

  • Acting in administrative and judicial proceedings, from a first instance to the Superior Courts: elaboration of complaint, defenses, motion to deny, monitoring of expert examination, interposition of appeals, meet with the judge in chambers to present   briefs and production of oral argument;

  • Planning, execution, accompaniment and critical analysis of the results of due diligence procedures, aimed at assessing the legal, regulatory, fiscal and judicial situation of personal or corporate entity, with the purpose of evaluating business opportunities, allowing greater security to the operations , be it real estate, corporate or credit.




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Our Mission:

Assure our Clients that they can concentrate on their businesses and avoid litigation, providing legal services committed to ethics, responsibility and excellence. Formation of a team focused on satisfying our Clients.

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