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The first law firm in Minas Gerais, which has been operating uninterruptedly since 1918, when Homero Paulino da Costa opened his office in the south of the state, in the municipality of Machado.

Homero Paulino da Costa (1893-1986), the firm’s founding partner, was President of the Brazilian Bar Association – Minas Gerais branch, between 1959 and 1961, and acted as judge in the Regional Electoral Court, appointed by the Minas Gerais State Court of Appeals.


Homero Costa Advogados, registered as n. 0001 with the Brazilian Bar Association, Minas Gerais Branch, and located in Belo Horizonte, MG, works in the principal areas of the law where the firm always strives to achieve quick, effective and efficient solutions for his clients, mostly from the corporate sector, and also law firms from other states or countries that have chosen it as their representative in Minas Gerais.

The firm is currently managed by Stanley Martins Frasão, that counted on the helpful advices from Túlio Vieira da Costa, son of the founder of Homero Costa Advogados until 09.09.2013, date of his passing.

After more than 100 years on the market, the strong image, associated with ethics, transparency, tradition, modernity and competence, has made Homero Costa Advogados  one of the most reputable law firms in Minas Gerais.

Its clients are national and foreign companies alike that are active in the most varied sectors of the economy: financial institutions, mining, retail and wholesale trade, transport companies, civil construction, industries, heavy machinery, car parts, electrical equipment, while also working with foundations, associations and individuals.


The firm is part of CESA - Centro de Estudos das Sociedades de Advogados (Center of Studies for Law Firms), whose main aim is to promote studies on legal issues and subjects relating to the administration of justice and legal practice. It is also a member of the ALBRAE - Aliança Brasileira de Advocacia Empresarial (Brazilian Alliance of Corporate Law Firms), bringing together the local expertise of twenty four associate law firms, present in the principal Brazilian capitals, which work nationally in an integrated and coordinated manner to make business possible legally.

Homero Costa Advogados always provides dynamic legal services, using Arbitration and Mediation whenever possible in order to offer less expensive solutions to disputes involving its Clients.

The firm’s personnel, which includes 07 partners and 2 Associates, according to OAB/MG records, as of 11/09/2013, is made up of professionals of distinction in their field of Law.


Since 1977, the firm has supported FUNDAMAR - Fundação 18 de Março (March 18 Foundation), which develops  social, educational and cultural projects. It is worth noting that since 1984 the Fazenda Escola Fundamar (Fundamar School Farm) has been sowing and reaping good fruit. Located in the municipality of Paraguaçu, in the south of Minas, this is a Foundation project that promotes well being and opportunities for families in the rural and urban zones of Paraguaçu and Machado, reaching more than 500 children and adolescents, between 2 and 16 years old, with educational, cultural and leisure programs, from day care to the final years of elementary school.

Our Mission:

Assure our Clients that they can concentrate on their businesses and avoid litigation, providing legal services committed to ethics, responsibility and excellence. Formation of a team focused on satisfying our Clients.

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